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Walmart Would Spoil Fresh Food Businesses in Harlem, Study Says

By Jeff Mays,
Published December 15, 2011/DNAinfo.com

HARLEM — A Walmart in the heart of Harlem would put 30 to 41 retailers who sell groceries and fresh produce out of business during its first year of operation, a study released Thursday by Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer claimed.

During the second year of operation, an additional 18 to 25 stores would go out of business in a one mile radius, according to the report titled "Food for Thought" which was authored by a Shira Gans, a food and economic development policy analyst in Stringer's office.

The study surveyed 304 food retailers within 10,000 feet of 125th Street and Lenox Avenue and used data from studies of other areas where Walmart has opened stores to calculate the local impact.

A 2009 study from Loyola University in Chicago found that 25 percent of all competing businesses within a mile of a new Walmart went out of business within a year. In the second year, the rate of closure was 40 percent.


Supermarkets aren't rampantly cheating customers as reported by Consumer Affairs

By Bill Hamond
Published August 30th, 2011/nydailynews.com

Grocery stores aren't overcharging the way that Consumer Affairs is reporting.

Are 59% of New York City's supermarkets routinely ripping off their customers?

That's the eye-opening claim of Consumer Affairs Commissioner Jonathan Mintz in the latest update of his Nickeled & Dimed campaign.

In a second year of stepped-up enforcement against alleged grocery gouging, Mintz's department checked up on 1,980 stores and slapped fines on 1,162 of them. By Mintz's lights, that translates to a failure rate of 59%, up from 52% the year before.

Those would be shocking numbers - if they reflected the actual reality of what's going on in supermarkets across the city.


Fine Fare Supermarkets Expand In Harlem

By HarlemGuy
Published August 4, 2011/harlemcondolife.com

When I first moved to Harlem the closest thing to Fairway, Citarellas, Best Yet, Costcos etc was my favorite super market called Finefare on 116th and Malcom X Boulevard (aka Lenox Avenue or Sixth Avenue) right by the two train.  I still visit it from time to time.

So I was pleased the other day as I walked by 112th and Malcom X Boulevard to see that Finefare has taken over the supermarket that used to be there (I don’t recall what it was).

So if you live in the area Finefare deserves a chance.  They carry a great selection of fresh fruits and vegetables and healthy frozen fare.  The prices are great and the employees are nice.

So make sure to stop by and pay them a visit today.

Original Article http://harlemcondolife.com/2011/08/04/finefare-supermarkets-expand-in-harlem/

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