The NSA opposes the recent change of the New York State Department of Health that allows only pharmacies and supermarkets with a pharmacy inside to accept WIC payments for exempt formula. We consider the practice discriminatory to small businesses and unfair to the consumer.

We urge supermarket owners and operators to email this letter to the proper authorities and let your voices be heard.

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  I operate a full service supermarket in New York City. The NYS DOH rule to limit WIC sales of specialty formula to pharmacies has hurt both my customers and my business. Many of the pharmacies in my community do not participate in the WIC program which forces young mothers with children to travel a great distance to fill their formula needs. The state policy also encourages WIC families to fill their WIC cards in pharmacies which are expensive and carry few healthy food choices.
Assemblyman Marcos Crespo detailed these problems in a June 1, 2015 letter to the Governor (attached). I urge you to work with Assemblyman Crespo in allowing specialty formula sales in full service supermarkets.

Thank you.