The NSA opposes the recent change of the New York State Department of Health that allows only pharmacies and supermarkets with a pharmacy inside to accept WIC payments for exempt formula. We consider the practice discriminatory to small businesses and unfair to the consumer.

We urge supermarket supporters and participants to email this letter to the proper authorities and let your voices be heard.

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  I strongly support Assemblyman Marcos Crespo´s letter to Governor Cuomo (attached) on behalf of 13 members of the New York City Assembly delegation. Due to the Health Department´s rule prohibiting food retailers without pharmacies from selling specialty formulas prescribed on WIC checks, low income WIC participants are encouraged to shop at grocery stores with pharmacies or stand-alone pharmacies. As WIC customers have shifted to those stores, independent, neighborhood grocers without pharmacies have lost WIC and non-WIC business to those retailers. This has not only hurt those small businesses, but has greatly inconvenienced WIC participants.

Thank you,